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Led Wireless Charger Speaker

Led Wireless Charger Speaker

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Introducing the Bt2301 LED Wireless Charging Speaker, a cutting-edge audio solution designed to revolutionize your listening experience. This sleek and compact device boasts a multitude of features that cater to your audio needs, ensuring exceptional sound quality and seamless connectivity.

🔊 Sampling Precision: 16 Bit Experience crystal-clear audio reproduction with 16-bit sampling precision, delivering high-fidelity sound that captures the nuances of your favorite tracks with unparalleled accuracy.

🎛️ Sampling Frequency: 32kHz Enhance your audio immersion with a sampling frequency of 32kHz, ensuring a smooth and detailed sound output across various music genres and media types.

📟 Display: Without Display Streamlined for simplicity, the speaker operates seamlessly without a display, offering a minimalist yet intuitive user experience.

💾 Memory Card Type: SD Conveniently store and access your music collection using SD memory cards, allowing you to enjoy a vast library of tunes without any hassle.

🔋 Battery Indicator: LED Stay informed about your device's battery status at a glance, thanks to the LED battery indicator that keeps you updated on the remaining power, ensuring uninterrupted music playback.

🎧 Compatible with: Mobile Phone, Call Center, MP3 & MP4, Computer Versatility at its finest - this wireless speaker is compatible with a wide array of devices including mobile phones, call center systems, MP3 & MP4 players, and computers, offering you diverse connectivity options.

💼 Style: In-Ear Designed for comfort and portability, the in-ear style ensures a snug fit while allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go without compromising on audio quality.

📦 Package Size: 10.00cm * 8.00cm * 8.00cm Compact and travel-friendly, the package size is optimized for convenience, making it easy to carry and store the speaker wherever you go.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a professional requiring clear call quality, or someone who values portable audio solutions, the Bt2301 LED Wireless Charging Speaker delivers exceptional performance, versatility, and convenience in a compact package. Elevate your audio experience and embrace seamless connectivity with this state-of-the-art device.

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