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Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

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🔊 Sonic Symphony Sculpting:

Embark on a revolutionary sonic journey with our low-frequency pulse technology. Guided by an ingenious acoustic structural design, this innovation breathes life into bass, infusing it with a dynamic low-frequency energy that elevates your auditory experience to new dimensions.

🚀 Stamina Beyond Measure:

Fueling this auditory marvel is a high-capacity 2000 milliampere battery, granting it the endurance to play for an astounding 8 hours. Immerse yourself in a continuous stream of your favorite tunes, enjoying a musical odyssey that outlasts the ordinary.

🌈 Ethereal Illumination Ballet:

Witness the fusion of audio and visual poetry with our Cool Colorful Atmosphere Light. Picture a mesmerizing dance of alternating hues, resembling a jellyfish gracefully navigating the air. From afar, it paints a canvas of romance and fascination, transforming your space into a haven of cool and vibrant ambiance.

🎶 Music Freedom Unleashed:

Dive into a world of offline music playback as our innovation embraces MICROTF card insertion. With automatic decoding of common audio formats, you're liberated to curate your musical sanctuary, ensuring that every note resonates with the purest expression of your audio aspirations.

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