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Iqibla – Smart Tasbih Zikr Ring - Black

Iqibla – Smart Tasbih Zikr Ring - Black

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Introducing the Zikr1 Essence Ring – a revolution in spiritual connectivity, blending cutting-edge technology with timeless traditions. 💫🤲

🔗 Seamless Synthesis: Forge a harmonious connection with the divine through Bluetooth connectivity, linking effortlessly with Qibla Watch and smartphones – uniting the spiritual and the digital. 🌐📱

⏰ Serenity in Seconds: Elevate your spiritual routine with up to 5 prayer time reminders delivered discreetly through the radiant OLED display of the Zikr1 Essence Ring, the Qibla Watch, or your smartphone. 🕌⏱️

🖥️ Radiant Illumination: Immerse yourself in a visual symphony with the brilliant OLED display, offering not just efficiency but an enchanting visual experience that transcends the ordinary. 🌟📺

📿 Soulful Tally: Effortlessly weave the fabric of your spiritual journey with the built-in tasbeeh counter, allowing you to track and reflect on your daily tasbeeh counts wherever your heart leads. 📌🙏

🔋 Boundless Energy: Empowered by a formidable battery, the Zikr1 Essence Ring accompanies you for three days of profound connection. Recharge effortlessly with a USB cable, whether it's from an adapter, power bank, or the warmth of your computer's embrace. 🔌🔋

Elevate your spiritual style with the modern allure of the Zikr1 Essence Ring, where the language of technology speaks in unison with the whispers of tradition. ✨🌙

Aesthetic: Contemporary 🏢 Hue: Timeless Black 🖤 Display Diameter: 2 Centimeters 📏

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