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Electric Mosquito Zapper

Electric Mosquito Zapper

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⚡ ZapMaster 3000: Unleash the power of our fly swatter racket, armed with a formidable 3000V high voltage power grid that administers a swift and gratifying zap, putting an end to the reign of annoying flies. Experience bug-busting bliss anytime, anywhere, with this electrifying mosquito swatter.

🔒 Safety Fortification: Our mosquito zapper takes safety to the next level, featuring twin protective mesh nets flanking the high-power grid. Accidentally touch it? Fear not! This bug-busting weapon ensures your safety during your mission, delivering peace of mind as you eradicate pests.

🔌 Cordless Convenience: Embrace the ease of cordless fly zapping with our USB-charging marvel. A mere 2 to 3 hours charge time unleashes the full power of the swatter. Witness the red light transform into a victorious green, signaling that you're armed and ready for bug annihilation.

🔄 Dual Dynamics: This 2-in-1 fly killer racket caters to your preferences, offering manual use or automatic mosquito killer mode. Place it wherever you desire, adapting to your bug-banishing strategy. Activate the mosquito-killing lamp mode for home use when plugged in, adding versatility to your bug-slaying arsenal.

🔋 Extended Endurance: Step into a realm beyond traditional mosquito swatters with our electric fly swatter, featuring a rechargeable 1200mAh battery. Revel in an extended battery life, championing sustainability, reducing waste, and offering a pollution-free solution to maintain your bug-free sanctuary. Say goodbye to pests with a powerful weapon that stands the test of time. 🚫🦟

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